Alzheimer Café Canada is a pop-up café
for those diagnosed with dementia, their families, friends, caregivers,
and anyone who is interested in coming to an Alzheimer Café.
Hosted and run 100% by wonderful volunteers
who believe that building a safe space
for food, laughter, music, learning, and relationship
is a great gift for us all.
We are all in the same boat! 



We are patterned after Alzheimer Cafes from the UK, led by Gemma Jones

About Gemma Jones

Gemma has a passion for educating people in effective and comprehensive dementia care. She earned her HBSc in Zoology in the University of Western Ontario, and her BSN in Nursing from UBC in 1985. She then earned a PhD in psychology from the University of London, Institute of Psychiatry, and has since spent over 30 years contributing to developing and identifying the knowledge base to help professionalize the new field of ‘dementia care’ internationally.


Dr. Jones has taught at many international universities including the South Bank Polytechnic, London, UK; the Admiral nursing programme (formational years of the specialist community dementia nurses, in London, UK); the Univ. of Utrecht post – graduate geriatric nursing programme, and the Erasmus Univ., Rotterdam, and continues today to teach on a freelance basis. One of her most influential courses, “Lighting DARC – Dementia Awareness Reaching Communities”, has been taught over 1000 times to people from the public who have an interest in dementia, including police and safety offices. Dr. Jones was the founder of the first Alzheimer Café (AC) in the UK, in Farnbrough, borrowing from the example of Dr. Bere Miesen, who founded the first Alzheimer’s Café in the Netherlands in 1997.

Her Work

In 2008, Dr. Jones became the founding Chair of the AC – UK Charity. There are now more than thirty AC’s in the UK. Dr. Jones’ work moves away from diagnosis and medication to address the central needs of individuals and their caregivers. Dr. Jones has published several books on caregiving and dementia. She is renowned worldwide for her expertise on dementia, elder care, and Alzheimer’s research, and is credited with helping change the approach of community health workers around the world when treating and assisting patients and their caregivers.

What is happening


Due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus, some events may have been postponed or cancelled in an attempt to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Please contact your site organizer for any updates on your local café.

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What People Say About Alzheimer Café...

  • I can’t remember seeing my wife as happy as this in a very, very long time. Thank you.

  • This is how it’s meant to work, everyone, the families and all the professionals, talking together at the same time to solve problems.

    Service Manager
    Social Services, Aldershot
  • An invaluable resource for health and social care professionals to learn about
    the invisible needs.

    J Martensson Hemsted
  • Every medical student would learn from attending it.

    Professor Tony Bayer
    Professor Tony Bayer, Acting Head of Department of Geriatric Medicine and Director of the Memory Team, Cardiff; and Editor in Chief of Reviews in Clinical Gerontology


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